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Kids love gifts. Just give them something packed in a fancy wrapping paper and see their eyes light up with joy. For every kid, a gift is an ultimate form of joy. But then the real confusion comes in what would make an ideal gift for kids. Would a kid like a fun gift or something that enhances the intellectual abilities, what is their age or what is their personality like? Now, these are the tough and the ideal questions to be kept in mind while buying gifts for kids. Just don’t forget to put your thinking hat on when you are either in a shopping mall or a portal and trying to zero in on a gift for kids. To make things easier here are some pointers you can keep in mind while buying a gift either for your own kids, grandkids, nephews or nieces.

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Put your thinking cap on

Deciding on a gift and then buying it is easy, but then only seeing that it brings a frown on your kid’s face is not really something you would expect. Isn’t it? High time you put your thinking cap on and then decide what would be the best gift for your kids. For making matters easy here are some pointers you can keep in mind:

Don’t force your choices

Remember kids are very particular with regards to the kind of gifts they would like to receive. It is better to ask kids as to what they would like and if not try to do a bit of snooping around and find out what would be the ideal gift they would like. Age of the kids is a major factor here and the purchase of a gift keeping the age quotient in mind can really make a gift an ideal gift or just a drab. The next tip on the age quotient would enlighten you more.

Age can be a huge factor

The age of a kid should be kept in mind while purchasing a gift. It would be worth mentioning a gift purchased for a baby can never be an ideal gift for a teenager. What are the parameters you need to keep in mind for buying that ideal gifts for kids? We have made some classifications based on the age quotient that would make things easier for you. Here they are:

Ideal gifts for Babies

When it comes to babies be very careful about what you think would make an ideal gift for them. To start with the baby’s age would be an ideal parameter. Any gift you are looking to buy mentions the suitable age. Look at the suitable age on the pack and then buy it. The age variable is important as it would tell whether the gift corresponds to the thinking ability of your little one. Another big factor is safety. The material, the shape and the texture of the gift need to be kept in mind as a baby can get hurt if the gift is not in accordance with safety requirements. Lastly, the gift should be a fun gift for the baby. An extravagant gift won’t necessarily make the perfect if the baby shows little interest in it.

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Ideal gifts for a 1-year-old

This is the time when kids start to be more curious. They like to explore their surroundings and try to know the people around them. Again, gift things which are safe and are not potential choking hazards for a little one. At the same time before zeroing in on a gift be mindful of the fact growth happens fast at this stage. So, if you are looking to gift clothes, size can be a crucial factor since 1-year-old kids outgrow their clothes very fast. At the same time, Technology related toys might not find favour with some parents. So it would be better to know the choices and preferences of the parents also. A safer bet would be bath related toys as many 1-year-olds take an instant liking to them.

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Ideal gifts for Toddlers

This is the age when a baby starts taking first steps in life.Before buying anything consider the safety aspect, we have talked about all these times. Safety and whether a gift is going to be age-appropriate should always be a big concern. Once this aspect is out of the way just think of gifting them something they can easily associate with. Maybe a toy of their famous TV character or something that can be educative and enhance their creative instincts. It would also not be a bad proposition to ask the parents as to what would make a perfect gift. Like for instance what would be a better choice between a potty or a book could be asked for. Musical gifts or maybe gifting a pet that would encourage the toddlers to be more creative and caring could be looked at as an option.

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Ideal gifts for Pre-Teens

This is an age where the kids are on the verge of entering their teens. This is also an age where mere regular kids won’t do and you would really need to think out-of-the-box. Once again remember that age is an overbearing factor and gifting something that won’t be ideal for such a young age would make you look bad. Nor there is a need to go bankrupt in order to buy that ideal gift. If you are looking to give a gift to a girl some sparkly jewellery or a party dress, she had wanted might be a nice idea. Whereas, for boys, an RC sports toy or a polaroid camera could make an ideal gift. Gifting technology-related toys at this age for either boys or girls would not be a difficult proposition either. However, do think of gifts which are educational in nature and would push them out of their comfort zones.

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Give a gift for long term

Give a gift which the kids would cherish for a long time to come. A gift should have happy memories associated with it. Long lasting gifts that can be used multiple times are good for the planet also.

More the merrier is always not the case

It is a misconceived conception more the number of gifts the happier would be the kids receiving them. Rather it should be a case of quality over quantity. Smaller number of ‘quality’ gifts would mean kids would have memories they would cherish for a longer time.

Over Indulgence leads to greater expectations

Smaller and Multiple gifts are good. But then it does not mean going overboard and over indulging. Going overboard would mean larger expectations and year after year the kids may start looking forward to receiving more gifts than they received in the previous years. This could be a case where you might just make them have a more materialistic outlook towards life.

Buy Something Unique

Unique gifts are always appreciated. No kid wants to receive the same type of gifts again and again. Say for instance you might like train sets but repeating a train set year after year might not go down well with kids. All the more some grown ups have a fixation with buying matching gifts like sweaters and other kids’ accessories. Remember this might not go down well with the kids.

Bond over Gifts

Gifts can be the perfect way to bond with kids. Some of the ideal gifts for kids are the ones through which grown ups can bond with the kids. Activity and problem-solving gifts can be perfect for kids as they allow grown ups can bond with the kids during play time.

Be a good listener

Kids have certain likes and dislikes. Adults can do well to listen to the kids and in the process be more aware of what they like or would not like to receive as gifts. Certain gifts like sweaters rarely go down well with kids. So, listening and getting an idea about their preferences certainly helps.

Be mindful of their hobbies

All kids have some hobbies. Like some kids might like painting while others might like photography more. A painting kit or a polaroid camera could be purchased keeping the hobbies and the interests of the kids in mind.

Technology is bad at times

Too much of technology is also bad. Smartphones and tablets have made lives easy but then they have also made us their slaves. Gadgets are bad especially when kids are hooked on to them and they stop going outdoors altogether. Consider gifting those things which as a grown upwould allow you to become a part of the world kids live in. A Lego set or a jigsaw puzzle might be a perfect gift for kids. Not only such gifts enhance creativity but also allow kids to have a broader perspective towards life.

Mastering the Gifting Culture

Actually, there is no way anyone can master the gifting culture especially when it comes to kids. But then one can always be mindful of what can be the ideal gifts for kids during Special events, Occasions or Festivals. In fact,gift giving is an art and a lot of thought needs to be put be put in while buying a gift for the kids in your life.A gift kids may not be able to pick for themselves or otherwise might be a bit costly and sometimes beyond means.

The perfect days to buy those ever so special gifts can be Thanksgiving, Christmas and Diwali when all kids have a gift on their mind. Going online is the best way to source gifts as many portals go beyond Christmas and have gifts galore foroccasions like Birthdays, Holidays and just because occasions - where there is no reason to show why you love your kids so much.

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Gifting builds of sense of Gratitude and Satisfaction

With kids being recipient of gifts, a sense of gratitude and satisfaction develops both ways. Kids become thankful of the gifts received whereas the grown ups giving the gifts to them develop a sense of well being and satisfaction by giving away gifts. It is a mutually benefitting arrangement. Some reasons why gifting to kids is good:

Kids learn to empathise

By receiving gifts kids end up having a sense of empathy in them. By receiving meaningful and thoughtful gifts kids themselves start to think about what would be the best and meaningful gifts for others.

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Gifts build a sense of trust

Through gifting grown ups can build a sense of trust in kids that they are being well looked after and cared for. Children too develop a sense of respect towards the grown-ups.

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Gifting is an act of kindness

Through gifting a sense of kindness comes in the family as well as the society. The overall quality of life increases in a society full of compassion and kindness.

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Satisfaction and Well-Being increases

Gifting to kids increases satisfaction quotient and the sense of well-being in grown-ups. They feel by taking good care of kids in the family they are doing what they are always expected to do as grownups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Find amazing return gift ideas for kids within any budget. The best toys and games for kids, as recommended by a child psychologist, discerning parents, nannies, and more.
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What kinds of gifts are suitable to give for young children?
“Young” is a huge range. The development of young children is rapid-fire; their interests and abilities change in a matter of weeks in infancy, and then in months for the first several years of life. And their interests vary from child to child.
Storybooks with a lot of pictures in them.
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Erasers in adorable shapes.
Pencil boxes.
Stationery items for hobbies, like diaries, stickers, etc.
Cars and other educational toys.