How to select Gift for Men's

The ideal gift guide for men

The ‘art of gifting’ may sound simple but then in real time it does not come easy. It surely needs a lot of insight or a well-done research to settle down on the ideal gift. Don’t understand? This is a point in case for all such people who think a tie would make up the perfect gift for their Grandpa, Husband or a Boyfriend.

On a flip side gifting a tie to a guy is now as pre-historic as was the existence of Dinosaurs. Giving ties as a gift is very outdated and can be a big turnoff for many men. At the same time, we should also look beyond the very common and old styled gifts like wallets and sweatshirts. Even though they are the staples for any dude a gift should be given depending on the persona of the guy. The old rules of gifting have changed as the idea of masculinity has evolved. More men are now experimenting with self-grooming products and are trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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Get moving and become more Innovative

Throw those drab gifting ideas of the box and think what the special men in your life really want. Say maybe they might be clamouring for a unique grooming kit, a bestseller, a new pair of sneakers or a gizmo they might have wanted for a long time. Think hard because unlike women, men are more interested in receiving gifts they really need. For them gifts should be a contributing factor towards making their lives easier.

In short, all you need to do is just think out of the box as men can be very finnicky with the gift they would like to receive from a loved one. So be sure when you are giving a gift keep in mind whether the men in your life are fitness lovers, hobbyist, geeks or gamers before zeroing on a gift. But then to get you all started here are some handy pointers to help you choose a unique gift item for the men in your life -

For the Fashionista

If the men in your life love look all chic and uber you can always think of gifting them some trendy and cool looking cuff links, a pair of sunglasses, a watch or maybe a manly tote bag that he can carry his accessories in.

For the Sporty or the Outdoorsy type

Is the man in your life always geared up to go out for a fishing or a camping trip? If yes, then why not gift him some camping accessories or something that might come in handy and help him on his outdoor sojourn.

The Corporate Job or the Contractor Life

What do the men in your life do? Do they work in a corporate profile or do they do some sort of hard contractual work? Think what accessory and gift might be ideal keeping the job profile in mind. Would a fancy Mont Blanc be an ideal gift or would a pen casted in a highly durable and long-lasting alloy do? Think how for those who work outdoors a lunch box cast in steel or a tool belt could make their life easy. On the other side for those who work in a corporate environment whether a tablet would do or a fancy notebook would come in handy.

Expensive gift might not always be an ideal gift

While gifting many people have the notion only an expensive gift will do. But that is not always the case. Remember more than the price of the gift its utility matters more. Gift something the person yearns for and not something that would cost you your life savings and might not be anything worth for in the end.

Age and Persona matters

The age and the person of a person should be kept in mind. Gifting a book lover, a baseball bat might be a wrong idea. Similarly gifting a soccer ball to someone in their 70’s might be just a ludicrous proposition.

Relationship Matters

While buying a gift for that special man in your life the status of relationship should be strongly weighed in. The gift should be purchased according to the relationship and it goes without saying the gift for a father, a brother, a husband or a boyfriend would have different emotional quotients attached to them.

Ideal Gifts for a Boyfriend

Ideally in real time there can be no perfect gift as such. As all men don’t see whiskey stones or dumbbells as ideal gifts. Yes, with the world being more receptive to new thoughts the traditional male stereotype is a thing of the past. Even if you think of something as the perfect gift it might not be so perfect after all. This time around do some more digging and think whether it could be a new manly fragrance, a pair of trendy sunglasses, a swanky new watch, a book, a leather backpack or gym accessories which could make him go gaga.

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Ideal Gifts for Husband

Whether you are newlywed or have been married for years finding an ideal gift for hubby dear needs a lot of research. But then sourcing an ideal gift would also matter because he has always been there for you through your highs and lows. So be it Christmas, Anniversary or Birthday just make his day special with that perfect gift. This around give him something he has always looked forward maybe a subscription to a masterclass by Gordon Ramsay, a camping kit, a board game he can play with his friends, a Star Wars waffle maker or a poster set. Just looking at his person decide what gift would make him fall in heads over heels for you.

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Ideal Gifts for Brother

You might have known your brother for life but then still when it comes to gifting you might find it tough to decide on the perfect gift. But then as it goes gifts that never go out of vogue are tech gadgets, grooming kits and sports equipment. Just look at his persona and decide what would be an ideal gift for him.

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Ideal Gifts for Dad

Dads just like moms can’t be cast into stereotypes. There are many varieties of dads out there. Say for instance you may have dad who love sports and there might be dads who might be complete geeks. So before buying a gift check whether your dad would like a golf kit or a bestseller.

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Daily Life Routine has a bearing

Keep in mind the daily routine of the person for whom you are going to buy the gift. The things to keep in mind should be what does the person do every day. For a morning person a coffee maker would make an ideal gift whereas for a person who maintains an active lifestyle a pair of sneakers would make the perfect gift.

Be Different from the Crowd

Everyone is gifting your father a tie and he is sick and tired of being given the same old gift. Its time you thought out of the box and gifted him something he had been yearning for all this time. Yes, gifting your father something that would help him in his hobby or make his time worthwhile would be the best gift ever.

Fulfil unfinished dreams

Your father might have some unfinished dreams. Help him realise them by gifting him something he would have always wanted. Fulfilling his unfinished should be on the top of your agenda. Gifting him something that he had always wanted could be a step in that direction.

Make sure all the parameters are right

Size should be right when buying gifts. Sneak around, do some snooping and find the exact measurements. Yes, anyone you would be gifting should have gifts that are of the right measurements. Otherwise, a gift won’t matter much and it is just a wasted effort.

The ‘Art of Gifting’ on Occasions or Festivals

Special occasions or Festivals call for a celebration and what better way to celebrate them by showering your loved ones with gifts. Christmas is a major festival on the calendar and there can be no Christmas without giving or receiving of gifts. From Kids to Adults everyone has a gift on their minds. In this case online shopping for gifts not only saves a lot of time but can also be the best way to source gifts at the most lucrative prices. Offers and discounts make the whole experience a pleasant one. But then one should also be mindful of starting the shopping experience early as last-minute rush not only might lead to a shortage of gifts but might also mean higher shipping charges. Another thing to avoid the stress could be to buy gifts during the offseason. Nor should the opportunity should be missed to shop on Holiday events like ‘Cyber Monday’ and Black Friday.

Apart from Christmas online shopping for gifts can also be done for events like anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, New Year, Engagements and days like Mother’s and Father’s Day. One just needs to name the occasion and the event and gifts galore can be found for every one of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why men don’t need surprises like women?
When we think about giving gifts to men, we think about the presents from our perspective. Women are moved by a man’s intentions and efforts regardless of the gift. Men seem more interested in presents that demonstrate your understanding of their needs. They like practical gifts that contribute to their personal and professional life.
Don’t Get Him Some Standard Gift?
Getting him a bland tie, belt or socks are a complete no-no nowadays. Men are far more conscious than wearing something off the rack. A fashionable man will want to coordinate his ties and belts with his entire attire so be careful about choosing such items.
What can be a ideal gift for men?
Given that we have a budget in mind, it is no secret how difficult it is to find a unique gift idea for men right? Mens Wallets have always been a popular gift item but there are many other amazing things you can choose to gift to your boyfriend or your husband or your Dad.
What are some good presents for men?
Men are difficult to gift for sure. If you know his specific choices then opt for them. By the way flowers bouquets, grooming gifts from classic brands like Nike, Adidas, Burberry, Calvin Klein, tommy Hilfiger and so on are perfect. Leather wallet, business card holder, mobile holder set, pen holder set, coaster set and such gifts combined in a hamper would also make for an elating gift for men.